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Saturday, May 2, 2020

I MISS YOU ALL on Sunday Mornings...

Dear Church Family,

I MISS YOU!  As the apostle, Paul writes in Romans 1:8-12, I thank God for all of you, and long to be with you.

I know you also are eager to gather again in the sanctuary, to lift our voices together in praise.
I know you too are excited for when we can handshake, high five, and see each other in person.
And I look forward to a potluck where we can celebrate God's greatness!

 I met (virtually) with the board on Friday, and we have agreed that it is not yet time.

WHAT IS THE PLAN There are a few reasons we believe that it is in the best interest of our body to not meet together yet.

1) There are many in our body who are susceptible to this virus, due to age or other conditions.
2) It is near impossible to stop God's people from hugging one another, let alone staying 6 feet away from one another!
3) We want to demonstrate what it is like to submit to, and honor our leaders as instructed in 1 Peter 2:13,17.
4) The governor's plan, as well as the presidential plan, indicates that we will not meet for at least the next 3 Sundays (May 3, May 10, May 17).

The board and I will meet (Virtually) to discuss again what May 24 and May 31 will look like.  We continue to seek God's guidance for the welfare of our church family.

1) If you have more time in your day, connect deeply with the Lord.  We can redeem the time, investing in our relationship with Jesus.
2) Connect with each other.  We are working on ways to make that easier in the near future.
3) Worship together - online.  Tune into Facebook live at 10:30 on Sunday morning for the worship service.
4) Worship when you can - Beginning Sunday, May 3, morning worship services will be posted at the church website as well.  (They should be easier to find!)
5) Pray for opportunities to share the gospel!
6) Celebrate that more people are being impacted by the gospel online each Sunday than ever before!

I MISS YOU, but until such time as we gather again, know that you are loved, and you are in my prayers

-Pastor Paul