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Friday, March 20, 2020

Perilous Times

As Christians, we are to care for the most physically vulnerable among us.  One reason we have suspended our normal worship services is to protect the health of the many among our body who are very young, and those who are advancing in years.  Others have immunological concerns.

Further, we are to care for those who are socially vulnerable.  Those who are shut-in, or in other ways alone.  If we cannot gather as the body, we must tether one to another.  Social distance does imply emotional distance.  As I shared last Sunday, Stewardship of the Community rejects isolation.  Each of us must commit to connect with someone else.  And we must be willing to let others connect to us!  The church is at its weakest when it is divided.  Let the church (The People of God) rise up!  Let us forge creative ways to connect with each other.