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Thursday, June 6, 2019

The God I Never Knew

Starting on June 12, we will begin a our next series of mid-week Bible studies.  Each session (about 6 weeks) will have a specific focus, and meet in someone's home.

Our hosts this session are Angel and Sheldon, but we will be meeting in the church Fellowship Hall.   Please join us from 7 to 8 PM on Wednesday nights for the next several weeks as we get get to know the Holy Spirit a bit better. 

 From the Publisher:Who is the Holy Spirit, and exactly what does He do?

Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious and confounding.  Why is the third person in the Godhead—the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort—the source of such confusion?

In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship – to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend. This insightful and biblically-based book moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition, and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life:  

· Dwell within you 
· Be your helper 
· Guide you into all truth
· Comfort you
· Pray for you
· Show you things to come
· Never leave you

It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way—to meet the God you may have never known.