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Thursday, February 23, 2017

"What's That?" in Worship: Why Have Music In Church?

Q: Why do we  have music in our church service?

Lets start with a step back for a moment, and talk about music in general.

Music is powerful because it is memorable.  From Radio jingles, to television advertising, many have music.   Want to memorize something?  Set it to music.   Sometimes it is impossible to get a song out of your mind.   (Try it.  Click here, listen for a minute or so...you can thank me later for the fact that this will be in your head ALL DAY!)

Music is powerful because it is expressive.  You probably remember your first concert. A love song from your wedding, or the song you put on the radio when you are sad.  Handel's Messiah still stirs the soul.  Nothing can commuicate the depth of human experience like music.

Music then, helps me to powerfully  and memorably express my beliefs about God, as well as my response to God.  Historically music has been utilized as a means of expression.  As our culture continues to celebrate the diversity of music and expression, I am reminded that each composer that I hum along with and each lyricist that I sing, has done their craft in order to allow me to give voice in ways that I could not do on my own.But more on that later...