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Friday, January 13, 2017

"What's That?" in Worship: Standing, Sitting, Kneeling?

Q: Are we supposed to Stand, Sit, or Kneel when we sing and pray?

First, let's take a look at the bigger picture behind the question.  "What posture should I have in church?"  You cannot worship the Lord without taking some physical posture.  You will have your eyes open or shut. You will be seated, standing, or otherwise.  You will be facing a particular direction.  

Consider this: Your physical posture is secondary to your spiritual posture.  Your spiritual posture is how you could characterize your approach to the Lord.  Is it reverent, or cavalier?  Are you thinking about the words being spoken, or sung? Or is your focus on the to do list, your lack of breath mints, or the upcoming football game?

Your physical posture can reflect and help focus your spiritual/mental posture.  Try to say "I love you" with 
arms crossed and a scowl on your face.  The contrast between your physical and mental postures cannot last very long!

If a neighbor in the church always talks to you, consider sitting down and closing your eyes.  It may help you focus, and let them know that you are not that priority right now.   If you are feeling the need to surrender, go ahead and kneel: your physical posture is alignment with your spiritual needs!

My Attitude in worship is the most critical element.  My posture can support, or hinder that.  For some, standing is physically uncomfortable, and as a result, standing hinders focus.  For some, standing is a sign of respect.  The bottom line: Your physical posture is not near as important as your attitude of worship.