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Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Thoughts, 2016

Shared on Sunday...
This is the Law of the Land: The Right to be Heard
You have the right to a political opinion.  You have the right to voice your opinion.  You have the right to declare your opinion to your neighbors, your co-workers, your social media feeds, and your yard signs.  You have the right to support a political candidate, ideology or party for whatever reason you choose.  You can choose what issues are more important to you, and you can choose which issues you are willing to overlook.  This is the law of the land.  I thank God that we have the freedom to have and express our political opinion and will!
This is the Flaw of the Land : The Freedom to Disengage
Complaining and Complacency are the watchword of the day.  Far too often, people are more than willing to complain about elected officials, demonize public servants, and the pontificate on the evils of the opposing party.  Baring complaint, the other national pastime is to devolve into complacency.  The level of apathy and indifference  is striking.  Let me inform you, that complacency or complaining  without involvement is disingenuous.  Be involved.  Be active.  Promote your issues.  And crucially, Vote.  YOU GET TO VOTE: DO IT!
This is the Law of the Lord : Pray for your Leaders
As followers of Jesus, we are given a clear directive.  Pray for your leaders.  (1 Timothy 2:1-2)  So often, those in the church fall into the same trap of complaining or complacency.  Yet the Lord gives us a higher goal than mudslinging on behalf of our candidates.   Pray for them.   By this I do not mean “Lord, smite my enemy, for that evil political party of theirs deserves the Lake of Fire”   Nor, do I mean the gossip disguised as prayer “Lord, you know that the senator aligned himself with the devil and needs your mercy today”   Rather, Pray that there would be wisdom, Godly influence, and justice in the laws that are administrated.  Pray for discernment and discretion.  Pray for those that are elected and appointed by the hand of God.  I pity the Christian who believes they have the right to complain more than they have the responsibility to pray.
This is the Flaw of the Church : Our salvation comes from Washington.
At first blush, the church reacts with disdain to this comment.   Of course not, we say.  Salvation is found in Christ alone!  Then Stop panicking about election results.  LIVE IN THE REALITY OF THE PRESENCE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD!  Quit fretting about the state of the Donkey or the Elephant : Live under the flag of the LION of the Tribe of Judah.   Align yourself with the Lamb of God who sought to take away the sin of the world.  Political leaders have NEVER stopped the church.   The solutions our country needs begin in the hearts of individuals who hear the redeeming message of Christ’s love, then LIVE THE REALITY of the KINGDOM.  Yes, we need laws.  But we need the heart of the people to be inclined to live righteously.  Our salvation does not come through legislation, but through a new relation: Lift Jesus Higher!