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Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is the Church? - Part 2

There are about four ways that the word "church" gets used by most people.  Each meaning adds to our understanding.   Last week, we looked at the building.  This week, lets turn to the real contents of the building: The people.

When we speak of the church, we are often referring to the people that gather on a regular basis to worship.  .  "Lets meet at church (worship service/event).  We can catch up with each other then."    the church is the gathering of the found.  it is the activity together, the prayer together, the study together that makes the church.  Any person may choose to follow Jesus, but any individual is not the church.  the church is the assembling of the saints, the mission oriented congregating of the people.  The church is people!

As such, "the local church IS the hope of the world" - because the local church lives in the world, rubs shoulders with the world, and can share the hope of Jesus with the world around.